Music City Fire Company

Pro Series Component Kit

$2,295 $2,495


Our Sound Reactive Pro Series Component Kit includes everything you need to help create your own incredible fire table. Our Controller, Valve, Speakers, LEDs, Power, Burner, Pan, Pilot, Ignition, Flex lines and Regulator are all included with this set up. An easy application to install, completely modulated with "one line in, one line out" simplicity.

The Echo HUE 44" in Ozotech Blue chilling with some smooth beats. Showing one of four unique modes "Reactive" the system can dance with the music. Users can configure how aggressive the flames can be within the settings or using the app. 

 The Echo HUE 44" up close and personal.  

Using the built in Bluetooth, systems can easily sync together (2 to 1) allowing the users to stream music to multiple systems from one device. Bluetooth is limited and this feature can only with two systems. Through hard lines or with wifi equipment, many more systems can be synced.

 With our app, change modes, flame height, volume and audio controls, set timers, change the LEDs and more! 


Quickly connect to the systems with Bluetooth on any smart device!

User Manual

Echo HUE Set Up Manual

12th South Trunk Set Up Manual

Natural Gas Conversion Manual

Mode 1


Full featured mode - Reactive Fire and music. Reactivity is also customizable to set your desired effect.



Fire and Music mode is a traditional, yet completely adjustable static flame while still playing the audio. Independent from each other, the flames will not dance to the music. 



For the times where just a standard traditional flame is what mood calls for. Flame height is completely adjustable along with 3 quick setting flame heights. 



For those warm, relaxing afternoons where you may not need a fire but still would like to set the tone.